Police, schools, libraries: the Lewisham cuts in detail

So, what are the big ticket items in the cuts to spending Lewisham’s officers have identified, and which are to be discussed at the Public Accounts Select Committee on 13th July? You can see the full document here. It’s got a lot of small savings from efficiencies here and there, posts being merged, and vacancies being cancelled.

But what are the big  items that might make a material difference? We’ve isolated the ones over a quarter-of-a-million quid, an entirely arbitrary cut-off point which by necessity ignores some interesting and quirky stuff (such as the ending of free wheely bin replacements).

And the picture is pretty grim. Libraries, adult social care services, community support officers, technology and even tourism are all in the crosshairs.

Here they are:

  • An “early years central service re-organisation” to reduce the number of staff supporting the four Children Centre Areas. Total saving: £259,000
  • Reduction in use of agency placements through recruitment of foster carers through Care UK: £655,000
  • Amalgamation of Community Safety Service and Community Wardens Service: £811,000
  • Restructuring of Libraries, including five proposed closures: £830,000
  • Fully developing the “re-ablement of care” in Adult Social Care: £400,000
  • Restructuring adult social care staff structure, subject to consultation with other providers and the “re-ablement” programme: £680,000
  • Increasing direct payments to clients of Adult Social Care to encourage them to purchase private care: £500,000
  • Reconfiguration of Domiciliary Care Service in Adult Social Care: £520,000
  • Decommissioning some Adult Social Care daycare service and purchasing them from the private sector: £450,000
  • Budgetary efficiencies in the Strategy and Performance team: £278,000
  • Benefits transformation project in Public Services: £350,000
  • Annual efficiency saving in Glendale environmental contract: £252,000
  • Environment Enforcement (no details): £425,000
  • Merge asset strategy and property management to save 30% of staff headcount costs: £1.2 million
  • Reduce Economic Development to a core service, stopping town centre management and events, tourism lead or Thames Gateway funding. £528,000
  • Outsourcing transport design service: £250,000
  • Reorganisation of Finance department: £985,000
  • Savings on IT support contract through reprocurement: £500,000
  • Staffing reorganisation of Technology and Transformation: £250,000
  • Savings on ICT staffing: £300,000

Now, next job is to find a similar proposals document for Lambeth and Southwark.

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2 Responses to “Police, schools, libraries: the Lewisham cuts in detail”

  1. Very handy summary, thanks.

  2. Not at all!