Third man arrested over Peckham shooting

Following the shooting of Rio McFarlane in Peckham on Monday night, there have now been three arrests:

A third man has been arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of an 18-year-old man in south London.

Officers found Rio McFarlane with a bullet wound to the chest on Pearse Street in Peckham, on Monday night. Mr McFarlane, from Peckham, died at the scene.

via BBC News – Third arrest over teenager shot dead in Peckham.

Does anyone else think it’s a bit alarming to have these three guys out on bail for the best part of two months?

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4 Responses to “Third man arrested over Peckham shooting”

  1. Yes I do find it alarming but if you know how the police work they are the ones putting the guns in these young men’s hands and they are responsible for all these shootings. It is well documented in a book by two ex Detective Inspectors (black). Its mind control and these suspects were probably let out on bail so as to cause reprisals so that other black males can get revenge and shoot them…so decimating the population of young black males… AND SO THE CONSPIRACY GOES ON. There is no longer any need for the KKK and Nazi Skinheads because black youths are doing a good job all by themselves of killing dem oneanadder.

  2. An interesting viewpoint. What’s the name of the book you refer to? Are you claiming the police are GIVING these guns to young black males?

  3. Would also like to know what this book is called, sounds like a very interesting read indeed…

  4. I think is absolute disgusting..
    Mean while another youth has been shoot.. is it connected? and is it by the same people who shot rio??
    if you are being arrested fro ‘suspicion’ of murder you should stay in jail till otherwise.. not be allowed out.. so then you have the opportunity to kill again!

    the uk system is very messed up!