“We don’t need an ice rink, we need a car park”

Building this Streatham Hub thing isn’t getting any easier – today, Brixton’s market traders came out against the plan to put a temporary ice rink in the Pope’s Road car park while Tesco does its thing further down the A23. The market needs car parking, argue the traders:

Join the campaign to stop Tesco and Lambeth Council destroying local trade in Brixton.

How do you carry a sack of rice and a big can of oil home from the market without a car? Brixton has been suffering for years with too little parking and too many wardens, threatening the ethnic and economic diversity of Brixton as we know it.

Now Lambeth Council think Brixton Market is the easy option and are rolling over to Tesco’s demands to take OUR carpark!

via Don’t ice Brixton Market – Home.

They’ve shot a pretty powerful video, too:

The traders demonstrated outside Lambeth Town Hall today, and urban75 has the details.

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