The South London Post is a news blog in and about South London, with a particular emphasis on Lambeth and Southwark. It’s currently in beta mode, with no public announcements, while we work out what it is and the best way to make it function.

Our aim is to make a site for South Londoners that aggregates the best of the news media, hyperlocal bloggers, pictures and videos. We’re trying to make something that gives South Londoners a broad picture of what’s going on around them, as we believe there’s a gap between the deep, rich content produced by hyperlocal bloggers, the tabloidy dead-man-found-in-flat stuff produced by local print media, and the laughably weak output of the BBC in relation to south London. We hope to improve things by quoting from and linking to the best hyperlocal posts, the most relevant news stories, and the most interesting pictures and videos.

We plan to be as generous and as open as we can be in our linking policy, and we want the site to be “of the web” not just “on the web.” That means supporting the amazing efforts of local bloggers, writers and artists, as well as participating in the important technical work of such efforts as Open Streetmap and Openly Local.

We use Google Reader to track the news, and our most recent OPML file is here.

We tweet at @southlondonpost.

We’re keeping interesting links that don’t quite make it as posts on delicious.

You can email us at southlondonpost [at] gmail.com.

This site is built in WordPress, it uses the Headlines theme from Woothemes, and it’s hosted at Mythic Beasts.

We’ve got some AdSense ads running at the moment, as an experiment. We may or may not continue with this.

We’re tracking audience with Google Analytics, and when we’ve actually got some audience we’ll be sharing numbers on this site.

Currently, the site is written and maintained by Lloyd Shepherd. His personal website is here.

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