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Brixton pub institution up for sale

The eagle-eyes and occasaionally bleary-eyed residents of the Urban75 forum have spotted a sad thing: the Elm Park Tavern off Brixton Hill is up for sale. The thread is linking to Willmotts as the selling agent, but their website has completely defeated us and we can’t find any details on there. The urban75 gang reckon [...]

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Southwark dries up as 110 pubs close

If you like a beer and a natter, Southwark is increasingly the place not to be, according to this story from the Morning Advertiser. ‘Labour should apologise for pub closures’ – General news – Politics – Morning Advertiser: Southwark tops the list, losing 110 of its pubs, followed by Liverpool with 100 and Birmingham with [...]

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Borough Market leasehold row points to banal future

Is Borough Market – bastion of the foodie, weekend destination of the cheese-hunting gourmand – headed for UK high street banality? The current actions of the charitable trust which controls the market indicate that it might be, according to this Guardian story: ´╗┐The last three remaining fruit and vegetable wholesalers based at permanent stalls have [...]

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Frank’s Cafe and Campari bar parking this week

Peckham’s now world-famous multi-storey car park venue is reopening on Friday this week. Frank’s Cafe and Campari bar, a pop-up venue that garnered bucketloads od attention last year, is coming back for another go: Bold Tendencies, the sculptural art project, is also returning for its fourth year in the upper storeys of the part-abandoned multiplex [...]

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Restaurant review: Angels & Gypsies, 29-33 Camberwell Church Street

The Independent went to Angels & Gypsies, and liked it very much: To walk into Angels & Gypsies, a Spanish restaurant sandwiched between a kebab shop and a KFC, is to enter another place. A serene, churchy theme defines the dining-room, where restored pews and prayer chairs do for seating, and back-lit stained-glass tableaux hang [...]

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Fancy a quick one?

Fancy buying a cheeky pub after work? Enterprise Inn are selling some off, and the Prince of Wales in Clapham will cost you the price of a biggish house in Herne Hill: The pubco is selling the sites, which include the Stage Door in Waterloo on the South Bank, through auctioneers Allsop on July 6. [...]

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The best burgers in London

Aint’ No Picnic reviews two hamburger establishments – including a van – and concludes that the Meatwagon offers the best burger in London: So with a new found sense of geographical pride, I’ve had a small investigation into what South London can do about salvaging the rest of the capital's ever-so-ropey hamburger scene. via Ain’t [...]

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